Lincoln and District Provincial Grand Lodge

This page is dedicated to the Brethern of the RAOB GLE in the Lincoln and District Provincial Grand Lodge who have passed to the Grand Lodge above


Bro Malcolm Lowe-Guest ROH - November 2013

Bro Malcom was originally a member of the Grand Council where he gained his 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree's. He was a member of the Hykeham Mill and Looking Ahead Lodge. The Looking Ahead lodge raised him to the 4th Degree in the GLE.

Bro Joe Brennan ROH - September 2013

Bro Joe was initiated into the Sydney Lodge. A member of the Dunholme Spring Lodge 8313 he passed away in September 2013. Preseident of the ROH Assembly in 1993, and President of the Knights Chapter in 2004

Bro Derrick Barnett ROH - September 2013

Bro Derrick or Bro 'Nob' to all who knew him was initiated into the No Name Lodge on the 2nd July 1970. He attained his degree of Primo on the 7th October 1971 and went on to become Knight on the 5th March 1975.

As Bro Nob lived in the village of Navenby he affiliated (we are not sure if he co-founded) to the Royal Lodge where he was raised to Roll of Honour on the 14 May 1980.

Bro Nob also served as Roll of Honour president in 1988.

As like many other Lodges the Royal Lodge amalgamated with another Lodge who moved a bit too far for Bro Nob to travel to so he returned to the No Name Lodge.

Although a quiet brother by nature he did have a wry sense of humour. Bro Nob was also a backbone of the Lodge for he would attend every meeting whenever possible. And thus became a valued stalwart member of the Lodge.

In 2011 bro Nob received his Honorary Membership for all his years of service to the Lodge, Province and Order.

Bro Roger Broughton ROH - 2012

Member of the Dunholme Spring Lodge 8313. Moved to Kenya in the early 1980's, and passed away there in 2012

Bro Dave Laughton ROH - October 2012

Member of the Dunholme Spring Lodge 8313

Bro Dave Turner ROH PGP 2011 - Jan 2012

Member of the Looking Ahead Lodge 8836.

Bro Bill Cave ROH - Dec 2011

Dunholme Spring Lodge 8313 founder member. Bro Bill was honoured with his 60 years on the 60th anniversary night of the Lodge.

Bro Jack Woodcock ROH - July 2011

Bro. Joseph John (Jack) Woodcock ROH. Bro. Jack (to all who new him) was initiated in the No Name Lodge 8299 of the Lincoln & District Province on 29th December 1952. Bro. Jack attained all his degrees in his mother Lodge. He was inducted to Primo on 31st March 1954, Installed as Knight 25th March 1971 and Exalted to Roll of Honour 23rd September 1976.

For over 20 years Bro. Jack served as secretary to the No Name Lodge. Although Bro. Jack visited many Lodges he never affiliated to any other preferring to stay loyal as he put it. For his efforts and service to the Lodge and Order Bro. Jack was presented with Honorary Membership in 1992 and received his Emblem for 50 years in 2003. Sadly Bro. Jack was just 16 months short of 60 years service. Bro Jack passed away in July 2011 and will be sadly missed but fondly remembered for the stalwart Buff and character that he was.

Bro John Blake ROH, PG Sec - March 2011

Bro John joined the Order while serving as a Corporal at RAF Cosford, being initiated into the Acorn and Oak Lodge No 8362 in the Wrekin & Dist P G L. on May 31st 1954.   He was raised to the 2nd Degree, on the 27 Oct 1955 in the Cosmo Lodge No 7859, having served a spell as their Secretary, then raised to the 3rd Degree on the 16 Dec 1958 in the Katunayaker Lodge No 8273 also serving as Secretary and finally obtaining his 4th Degree in the Pyramids Lodge No 8673 on the 24 Apr 1964, here he was also City Secretary and for a short period the P G L Secretary.

After his discharge from the RAF he went overseas again to the Sultanate of Oman where he joined the Andrew Grainger No 9898 in Muscat, again becoming Secretary.  Then he moved up country where there were no lodges or chances to go to one, therefore he fell out of Compliance.  On return to the UK he joined the Royal Fulbeck No 6575 in the Lincoln and District Province which later merged with the Vulcan Lodge. No 8878 also in the Lincoln Province becoming their City Secretary on the retirement of the then Secretary and later took over as P.G. Secretary an office he held until his demise. Bro John was also involving in the setting up of this website for the Lincoln Province.